Tower of the Daybreak Star Edit

The Tower of the Daybreak Star is the most important place of Imperial Ancestral worship and is mostly restricted to nobles, clergy and worthy mages. It is actually a compound of three buildings, including the tower itself, that floats in a translucent island in the sky - apart from the tower, there is an ancient magical library as well as the Imperial University of Mysteries. Inside the tower, there are quarters for the top clergy - the twelve Imperial Keepers and their leader, the Elder Keeper - and for their assistants and consultants, with each Keeper having their own floor. Above their floors, there are meeting rooms, ritual rooms, offices and private libraries. The Imperial Garden is located on the topmost floor, and only the Imperial family and their invited fellow are permitted there. As mentioned, the island itself is translucent when looked from below, and sometimes is completely invisible - the sun is always casting a shadow through it. How exactly this works is yet a mystery. The entrance is usually through the Imperial Palace on Drakonia, but most people enter through the Great Imperial Altar.


The three buildings are built from a frosted white stone, with beautiful engravings detailing folk stories and local mythology. The Tower itself is also engraved with a silvery metal that is always cool to the touch. High above the tower's arch, there is a small magic gem that shines every sunrise, and its light can be seen every morning by the entire horizon and even beyond.


The story surrounding the Tower's construction is that one of the first draconic champions was granted the floating isle to enhance his knowledge about the Rupture, a gift from a Dragon - his name is now lost to time. The stone is supposedly his skin, and the metal is his blood - there was even a full armour set, sword & shield made from this material, but this has also been lost. Sometime before the Common Era, the Tower was only accessible to those who were already incredibly powerful mages, but one of the first Heroes and King of Drakonia built the Great Imperial Altar, as well as the transport rune leading there. Since then, one of the buildings was refurbished to become the Imperial University of Mysteries.